The default file manager app in Android is overly basic. If you need more features , these are some of the best Android file manager apps that. Android Apps; Round-Up Enter the Android file manager, a vital piece of software that, oddly enough, isn't even included as standard on.

With these Android file manager apps, you can easily manage your files, save space on your device and get them organized. With these apps. Android has long prided itself for how it allows users to dig into most of the file system, provided they have a file manager app on hand. Of the. ASUS File Manager is the best file manager available for Android, with access all work well together delivering a simple and easy to use app.It also lets you browse and access your files by category. It's free to download and use with optional in-app purchases in case you want to help fund development. Comments 5.5 of the Best Android File Manager Apps for - Make Tech Easier5 of the Best Android File Manager Apps for 2018

Asus File Manager is completely ad-free, too. ES File Explorer is one of the oldest and most reliable file explorers on this list. It would actually sit at number one if only it were ad-free. However, I suspect that the free version is good enough, and you can always find a way to block ads on your Android device. ES File Manager still comes with its niche gesture feature where you can record certain gestures that will perform functions within the app.

It also allows you to save shortcuts to folders and files on your home screen, making it almost fully desktop-esque. It comes with built in viewers and players for various file types so you can watch videos and play music directly from it. There is also a task manager where you can kill tasks and free up some memory on your device.

So for anyone who wants a great file browser that is ad-free, look no further. In addition to helping you organize your files through its file manager, it comes with a handy memory cleaner. It allows you compress and decompress files in rar and zip formats. You can also bookmark settings, files and folders.

It comes with its own media player that allows you to play videos, music and smoothly peruse through your collection of pictures and allows you to manage your cloud storage. In addition to all of this, it allows you to see inside APK files and allows you to compress folders into APK packages. It has a disk map that allows you to see which files eat up the most disk space and comes with its very own PDF viewer.

It comes with cloud storage access and a video player that allows subtitles. But this is all just the tip of the iceberg. The classic, the original and my personal favourite, Total File Commander comes with a simple but powerful user interface. You can bookmark and save folders as shortcuts. For those of who have rooted devices, it has a capable root explorer. With all these tools now integrated into file managers, it allows a user to have less and less apps taking up unnecessary and vital space.

Why would you need the Google Drive app, for instance, if most file managers allow you to manage your cloud storage? As always, if you want to point out any blindsides in the list or want to share which ones are your favourites, leave a comment. Disappointed to see FX File Explorer missing.

I should have at least added it to the honourable mentions. The latest version is a real contender too. Thanks for reading and commenting. However, you can always download and install an OTG drive enabled file manager. You've decided to leave a comment. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy.

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It is an important part of the system. The same goes for your Android phone. Every Android phone will come with a default file manager, though not all of android file explorer app adroid good enough. If you are looking for an app that has all the bells and whistles, these are some of the best Android file manager apps that you should try. Thank the Android gods that they made it available and free for any device that can run it. It comes with a приведенная ссылка and aesthetically pleasing design. Asus File Manager has a beautiful category screen that allows you to organise and label your files.